Solax Power Inverter

Purchase Solax Power Inverters in Cairns only from Sunny Gold Solar

At Sunny Gold Solar, we provide Solax Power inverters in Cairns for the convenience of our clients. The PV & storage systems that we offer are efficient and flexible and will surely meet your individual requirements. So, if you are looking to save electricity costs, this is the ideal solar power solution for you.

We provide residential as well as individual solutions. So, no matter the solution that you require, get in touch with us and tell us your specifications. Depending on it, we will recommend the solution that will suit your property.

The solar power inverters in Cairns that we at Sunny Gold Solar provide are many. The ones for the residential properties include:

Solax Power Inverters Cairns
  • Mini
  • Air
  • Boost
  • Smart
  • Mic
  • Pro series as well as
  • SolaX Adapters
The inverters series for commercial properties include:
  • X3 MAx
  • X3 Mega
  • X3 Forth

To get more details about these series, connect with us now.

Solax Power Inverters Cairns
Give us a call at 0406 425 570 or 07 4080 7320 to buy this product, or send your queries to and we will get back to you with the answers quickly.