Phono Solar Panels

Get Cutting Edge Products from Phono Solar in Cairns

At Sunny Gold Solar, we provide high-end modules from Phono Solar in Cairns. The modules are impact resisted, pressure resisted, sand resisted and can offer a self cleaning option. The PV cells are highly efficient and come with anti-reflective coating. Furthermore, the MBB helps improve electricity collection. Another advantage of these systems is that they are micro-crack resistant.

The back sheet of Phono Solar in Cairns includes super isolation and offers extraordinary durability against dust, fire, UV, tear tests, etc. The panels that we provide are made up of Diamond Dual Glass that come with a 25-year product warranty and 30 year performance warranty. However, you can also get the Twin Plus Series that includes a 15-year product warranty. The module is highly efficient and PID resistant.

Phono Solar Panels Cairns
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