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Sunny Gold Star – The Best name to Install a Jinko Solar System in Cairns

Have you finally decided to go solar to arrest your over increasing power bills? That’s the best decision as not only it will help produce ‘green’ energy, but will help to bring down your power bills drastically. And when it comes to having the best solar system installed at your property, it has to be Sunny Gold Solar if you are in Cairns. We have at our disposal the most qualified experts offering impeccable installation of solar panels of varying wattages from the best brands

JinkoSolar is one of the brands of solar panels that we offer. It is considered as one of the global leaders in solar panel construction. It is one of the largest as well as the most innovative manufacturers of high quality solar panels of different dimensions and models. The Jinko solar panels in Cairns come in various categories that in Australia.They panels provide the following advantages. They include:

  • The CO2 emissions per MW module produced saw a remarkable reduction
  • Electricity consumption per MW module produced declined in a steadfast way.
  • Water consumption per MW module decreased significantly
  • Wastewater discharge per MW module from Jinko saw a noted reduction

JinkoSolar also maintains an eco-friendly manufacturing process, which reduces GHC emissions, consumption of electricity, usage of water as well as discharge of wastewater per MW of the modules that are produced.

Jinko Solar Panel Cairns
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