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Do you want to buy high-quality photovoltaics or solar storage systems from Fronius in Cairns, Australia? Sunny Gold Solar is the name that you can trust. The former is one of the most sought-after due to the increased power generation capability. Thus, you can easily lower your electricity bills. On the other hand, the storage systems offer extraordinary power retention for usage over longer hours. Moreover, these systems can capably store electricity and supply it when and if you are experiencing a power failure.
Some of the features of the PV that we offer include:
  • Fully functional systems
  • Optimised power output for reduced electricity costs
  • Up-to-date system
  • Individual systems are available
  • Warranty extensions for free of charge

At Sunny Gold Solar, not only do we provide Fronius in Cairns, Australia, but we also install the same as well. So, if you are looking for professionals to set the system up in your place, you will need to connect with us today.

Fronius Inverter Cairns
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