Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar Panels in Queensland
Sunny Gold Solar acknowledges the growing concern among business owners about rising grid electricity prices and the decreasing costs of solar technology. Embracing commercial solar panels offers undeniable economic benefits and significant savings. By making this transition, businesses can not only cut costs today but also safeguard themselves from future utility rate increases. However, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the total energy production and cost savings over the system’s lifetime before proceeding.

To harness the advantages of solar power for commercial use, connecting the solar power system to the traditional grid is essential. Sunny Gold Solar assists businesses in navigating the uniform interconnection procedures set by energy providers. Offering solar energy solutions for both homes and businesses, the company emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach. The interconnection contract covers technical and contractual aspects, ensuring the protection of both the energy company and the commercial solar panel installers in Australia. Also, considering the competitive commercial solar panel price and the attractive returns on investment, this move becomes a compelling and worthwhile investment for businesses. Sunny Gold Solar encourages businesses to take this strategic step towards sustainability and financial stability while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Explore a Wide Range of Commercial Solar in Cairns
Are you feeling stressed about the increasing electrical costs as a business owner? It’s time to switch to solar power since it can not only save you costs but also help you protect the environment. Besides, when Sunny Gold Solar is with you, there’s no need to worry about installing panels, batteries, performing tests, etc. As a provider of high-end commercial solar in Cairns for more than 10 years, we will do all that is needed.

We offer premium commercial solar systems in Cairns to help meet business needs. From 20kW to 50kW, you can choose the solutions of your choice to streamline your day-to-day operations. However, if you cannot decide on the right system for your establishment, we will help you make the right choices. To get a consultation, you can connect with us at your preferred time.

Cairns Commercial Solar Systems Installation by Experts
We have experts at our disposal who install the Cairns commercial solar systems. They will inspect your location and intimate you of the strategic locations where the panels, batteries and wires will be set up. After you prepare the place, they will commence the installation process and get it done on time to minimise business disruptions.

At Sunny Gold Solar, we are known for the quality of our commercial solar installations in Cairns. Our technicians use the latest tools to install the systems. So, rest assured that you will always experience top-notch solar panel performance.

Why Bank On Our Commercial Solar Solutions in Cairns?
You should bank on our commercial solar solutions in Cairns since

  • We have been providing these solutions for more than 10 years
  • We provide high-end solar systems designed for establishments
  • Our installers perform panel setup, calibration and testing with attention to detail
  • We complete commercial solar system installations on time

If you have more queries, please go through the FAQ section below.

20 kW Solar System
  • Panels: 49 x 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter: 20 KW integrated inverter with WIFI
High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
30 kW Solar System
  • Panels: 73 X 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter: 30 KW integrated inverter with WIFI
High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
50 kW Solar System
  • Panels: 121 x 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter: 30 KW + 10 KW + 10 KW integrated inverter with WIFI
High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
FAQs Regarding Commercial Solar in Cairns

Which type of solar panel is best for commercial use?
Mono crystalline solar panels are often touted as the most efficient option and are often installed for larger energy systems in commercial and residential properties. However, panel sizes do vary; therefore, mono crystalline can be used in smaller installations as well.

Are commercial solar panels better?
Commercial-sized solar panels produce more power and are more efficient, so it would be wise to consider them for your home. Installation — We install both residential and commercial solar panel systems the same way, by using a bolted racking system.

How many kW is a commercial solar panel?
A 50kW Solar Power System comes with 167 X 300w solar panels or 152 X 330w solar panels and a 50kW inverter.

What size is a 100 kW solar panel?
When deciding whether to install a 100kW solar system, size is an important factor to consider: do you have enough space, and can your roof structure support the system weight? Typically, a system of this capacity will require around 400 panels, each measuring around 1.6 x 1 metre.

Can you walk me through the various commercial solar systems in Cairns that you provide?

Surely, we can provide you with the details of our commercial solar systems in Cairns. To know about them, feel free to get in touch with us.

Can your commercial solar installers in Cairns meet the deadlines?

Since our commercial solar installers in Cairns are equipped with the necessary tools, they can indeed complete the installation on time.

Where will you install the commercial solar panels in Cairns?

We will inspect your establishment and install commercial solar panels in Cairns in strategic locations that will give you the best output.

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