Canadian Solar Panels

Installation of Panels ‘Canadian Solar’ in Cairns

If you are looking forward to having top quality solar panels from a reputable brand installed by the best technicians in Cairns, your search ends at Sunny Gold Solar. We are home to highly qualified and experienced professionals who are second to none to install solar panels in domestic and commercial properties.

One of the USPs of our service is that we use cutting edge technology to ensure the flawless installation and we install the best solar panels from the best brands, including Canadian Solar. So we are the most vetted name to install solar panels from Canadian Solar in Cairns.

Why should you opt for Canadian Solar Panels of all the other brands?

Canadian Solar offers the following modules in Australia and we pride to state that our experts are equally competent in installing all these types of panels:

  • TOPBiHiKu7 – N-type TOPCon Bifacial Module
  • TOPBiHiKu6 – N-Type TOPCon Bifacial Module
  • TOPHiKu6 – N-Type TOPCon Monofacial Module
  • BiHiKu7 – Bifacial High Power PERC Module with Dual Cells
  • HiKu7 – High PowerPERC Module with Dual Cells
  • BiHiKu6 – Bifacial High PowerPERC Module with Dual Cells, and many others

We are proud to state our experts offering Canadian Solar panels installation in Cairns are the best in installation of all these types of panels.

Canadian Solar Panels Cairns
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