Byd Solar Panels

Byd Solar Panel Installation in Cairns

Thanks to the competency of our experts providing solar panel installation, we at Sunny Gold Solar are second to none in providing the best solar panel installation in Cairns. Now one of the USPs of our service is that we offer installation of solar panels from the most renowned brands available in Australia, Byd is one of the brands of solar panels that we install.

The Byd solar panels that are available in Australia include the Byd MLK, which include 5 bus bars along with the half-cut solar cells that use the very latest technology that improves the efficiency of the solar panel modules. It offers a much superior aesthetic appearance, which makes it a better choice for rooftop installations.

We also install panels from the Byd MGK series, which is a more cost effective option. Both the MLK and the MGK series come with bifacial options which have a glass back sheet and offer better warranty terms for customers. So our installation of Byd Solar Panels in Cairns has always been so favoured by the customers.

Byd Solar Panel Installation Cairns
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