30kw Solar Systems

Your Most Favoured Installer of 30kw Solar Systems in Cairns

Are you the owner of a fairly big property, and are you looking forward to having it solar powered? Maybe a 30kw Solar System will suffice, and for that you need to hire Sunny Gold Solar. After having spent 10 years in the industry, and with a record of having successfully installed solar systems of different dimensions and wattage, we are second to none in installation of 30kw Solar Systems in Cairns.

The 30kW Solar system is a pretty large generation unit predominantly designed to be used at commercial properties. However, it can also be used at domestic buildings that feature roof space that is spacious enough and have persistently high power demand patterns.

The 30kw Solar Systems in Cairns would generate 110kWh on average each day. A 30kW solar system is typically composed of 82 to 100 solar panels and two 15kW or 27kW inverters, depending on the available solar panel wattage (you just need 82 of the 370w solar panels to obtain 20kW). A total of two CEC-approved inverters of 15kW or 27kW, 82 to 100 solar panels with CEC approval, roof installation, and an electrical system approved for use in Australia would make up the whole solution.

30kw Solar Systems Cairns
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