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If you are looking forward to having a 20 kW solar system installed at your home in Cairns, your search ends at Sunny Gold Solar. With 10 years of experience, and some of the most qualified and experts having access to the latest tools and technology, we would come up with installation of a 20 kW solar system in Cairns along with its accessories.

The 20kW Solar system is a sizable generation unit that is best suited for commercial buildings, while it can also be used by residential clients if they have roof space and continuously high power consumption patterns. A daily average of 75kWh would be produced by the 20kW solar array. Depending on the solar panel wattage available, a 20kW solar system is often made up of 55 to 60 solar panels (you only need 55 of the 370w solar panels to reach 20kW) and either a 15kW or 20kW inverter.

Installing a 20 kW solar system in Cairns could be one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs if you reside in a sunny area. A 20kW solar system might provide enough solar energy to run your company, cover the cost of the system, and turn a profit in a few years. Clean and affordable energy is within reach as individuals and companies come under growing pressure from escalating grid electricity rates.

20kw Solar Systems Cairns
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