13-3 kw Solar Systems

State-of-the-art 13.3kW Solar Systems in Cairns

Do you have a big house with numerous appliances running round-the-clock? Electricity bills should be hurting your wallet then. But you can save it by opting for 13.3kW solar systems in Cairns. At Sunny Gold Solar, we offer this solution so that you get a continuous power supply for a convenient and uninterrupted lifestyle.

This system will be ideal for you if you use more than 25kWh power. Typically, the system generates around 23 to 27 kW of energy every day which is enough to live a comfortable life with most of the appliances on at most times. However, the solar panels required for setting up this system are around 40. So, you need to have a large roof. If you have it, you will not face any issues. But if you are short of it, some of the panels might have to be installed elsewhere. So, get in touch with us and schedule an inspection. Our specialists will reach your place and assess your property to develop an installation plan.

Since the 13.3 kW solar systems in Cairns are large, installing them can be time consuming. But with the tools and technologies that we have, it will be completed within the shortest duration.

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