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Over 10 years experience
Welcome to Sunny Gold Solar
We bring to you affordable renewable energy and power supply solutions
Home and Buisness owners around the world are quickly realising the financial and environmental benefits of solar power.

Same way you too can improve your positive impact on environment and on your wallet by choosing an experienced solar company to power your home and buisness and your future energy needs.

With almost a decade worth of combined experience in, designing and installing solar systems across Australia, we are a team of qualified engineers who have come together with a mission to set in place the most professional and efficient solar installation process in Australia.
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Meet the Best Solar Installers in Cairns
Do you want to get solar panels installed at your establishment by professional installers? Sunny Gold Solar is the name that you will need to consider since we have been installing these systems for more than 10 years. We have the necessary tools and expertise to set up these systems in both residential and commercial properties, and our precision at our work makes us the best solar installers in Cairns. Since solar power in Cairns is very much necessary to power up homes and establishments, we install the systems and calibrate them so that they work flawlessly. So, no matter the type of solar system that you have purchased, you need not worry about its performance since we will do the needful. So, if you are stressed about the entire installation process, you can safely leave it to us.
We Provide Top-Notch Solar Systems in Cairns
At Sunny Gold Solar, we offer state-of-the-art solar systems in Cairns to meet your day-to-day power requirements. The products that we provide include both commercial and residential systems each having its own set of features. From these, you can choose the one that you think will help you reach your household or business goals. Furthermore, if you need large-scale systems, you can reach out to us since we are capable of catering to your needs. If you want suggestions regarding our Cairns solar systems, you can connect with us anytime. We will listen to your requirements and suggest you the ideal solutions. So, if you want to get the best out of renewable energy and protect the environment, we are your trusted partners.
How Do We Perform Solar Installation in Cairns?
Our only priority when it comes to solar installation in Cairns is safety since even the slightest mistake during the said procedure can lead to an accident. But due to the expertise and the experience that we have under our belts, we can avoid electrical hazards from occurring. In fact, this is one of the top reasons why we are hired at large. Our Cairns solar installers inspect sites and develop an installation plan which they execute to achieve the desired results. In the process, they carefully lay down the panels, connect them with the battery and perform testing. They assess the results and make corrections if required to obtain the desired power output. Thus, if you need full satisfaction with solar systems and their installations, you should turn to us.
Why Opt for Our Solar Service in Cairns?
Choose Sunny Gold Solar when it comes to solar services in Cairns since:
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in the renewable resources sector
  • We provide top-quality commercial as well as residential solar systems
  • Our solar installers are experienced, qualified and perform the needful flawlessly
  • The solutions that we deliver meet Australian standards
  • You can book the solar installation service at your preferred time
To know more about our products, installation service or Sunny solar professionals in Cairns, send an email to us now.
Our Services
Solar Panel System Packages
6.6kW Solar System
  • Panels : 16 X 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter : 5kW integrated inverter with WIFI
  • High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
10.3kW Solar System
  • Panels : 25x415w Tier 1 Solar Modules
  • Inverter : 8kW System with WIFi
  • High-efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
13.3kW Solar System
  • Panels : 32 x 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter : 10kW integrated inverter with WIFI
  • High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
19.9kW Solar System
  • Panels : 49 x 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter : 15kW integrated inverter with WIFI
  • High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
30kW Solar System
  • Panels : 73 X 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter : 30KW integrated inverter with WIFI
  • High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
39.9kW Solar System
  • Panels : 121 x 415W Tier 1 solar modules
  • Inverter : 30kw integrated inverter with WIFI
  • High efficiency Half-cut cell mono PERC solar modules
Some FAQs About Our Solar Systems and their Installations in Cairns
How can I get more details about your solar systems in Cairns?
To get more details about our solar systems in Cairns, head to our ‘Products’ page or give us a call now.
How can I determine the solar power in Cairns needed to accomplish my goals?
To determine the solar power in Cairns required to accomplish your goals, you can get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. Based on it, we can suggest the right solutions.
How to book your solar installers in Cairns?
To book our solar installers in Cairns, all you need to do is call us now. On the other hand, if you have enquiries or need a quote, click the ‘Get a Quote’ button at the top and fill out the form on the page.
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Why Choose Sunny Gold Solar?
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    You can count on our consultants to assist you through the whole process, from claiming rebates and best financing options to designing your solar system.
    At Sunny Gold Solar Solar, our fully accredited and licenced electricians take extra care to ensure that every part of the system is installed expertly and that they meet all safety and regulatory standards.
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    Now it’s time to enjoy the perks of having low cost and clean energy. And remember, team Sunny Gold Solar has your back with dedicated after-sales support.
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    Switching to solar power was the best decision we made for our home, and Sunny Gold Solar made the entire process seamless. So, I thank them for helping us save electricity costs.

    Robert Mathew

    3 weeks ago

    As a business owner, I was looking for a reliable EV charger solution for our office. Sunny Gold Solar exceeded our expectations with their advanced EV chargers in Queensland. Their team worked closely with us to customize the charging setup, and the installation was quick and efficient.

    nova c

    5 weeks ago

    I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Sunny Gold Solar team. From the initial consultation to the final installation of my residential solar panels, they were attentive to every detail.

    kawintida i

    2 weeks ago
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